Sizing and Style Guide

We’ve put together the following chart so you can be sure to choose the right size and fit for you. At the bottom of this page, you’ll also find a list of the bottoms, from the skimpiest to the ones that offer more coverage.

BUST • Measure over the fullest area of your bust and straight around your back. Ensure measuring tape is relaxed and not too firm. For an accurate measure, please wear unpadded bra while measuring.
WAIST • Measure around the smallest part of your waistline, just a bit above your belly bottom.
HIP • Measure at hip, ensuring the tape is straight and a bit loose.

Important Information:

Tops with Adjustable Backs: For the following tops you can simply go by cup size as you can tie them in the back to adjust your size. These are: Emma / Bondi / Pipa / Buenos Aires.

Reversible Style Tops: Pipa / Cocoa / Lili.

Non-reversible Tops: Emma / Siena / Bondi / Buenos Aires.


Bottoms Style Guide:

From the smaller ones to the ones with most coverage:

Semi-Hilo: Non-reversible. This is the smaller cut and tightest one. Special for surfing and water activities!

Pula: Reversible style. Seamless type of sewing. True to size. Ideal for tanning. Versatile!

Caribe: Non-reversible. Adjusting strap. Seamless sewing. Cheeky, Sexy and Sporty! Recommended for water activities!

Paraty: Tight fit, seamless in the back, cheeky and sexy. Size up for a more relaxed fit.

Numana: Reversible and seamless. Medium coverage, not too revealing, not too covered. True to size. Best seller!

Flor: Side tide bottoms, cheeky. Adjustable to hips or waist, depending on the look you want to go for.

Tama: Cheeky reversible bottoms. Scrunchy back. Just a bit higher to “secure” hips.

Mona: High waisted, but not too much. Seamless. Medium coverage if used lower. Skimpier if used too high. You choose! Size up for a more relaxed fit. Best Seller!

Amalfi: Reversible, tighter and the one that offers the most coverage. Low rise. Seamless but secure.

If you are still not sure on the size or have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at with the bikini you’d like to get, your measurements (like in the above photo) and a picture of you, and Orne, our designer, will be more than happy to help you choose the right size for you.

You can also check our Instagram page @morena.beachwear and look for some reference photos!

From our Costa Rica home, we hope you love Morena!

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