Between Waves and Fashion Sketches

Our first blog post, phew! We are so excited to launch our website and hoping you love our product! So you get you to know us a little bit, here we are posting some info. Last week, the local magazine in Tamarindo, “The Howler”, asked us to do the cover of the magazine and we were interviewed (so much fun!). The article talks about us and how we started. We wanted to share the article with you so you can get to know us a bit. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for shopping with us!

The Howler Magazine, September 2016. “When Ornella Frattolillo and her husband Francisco decided to buy a bikini shop in Tamarindo, they had never been in the garment business before, but they found a way to use their Business Administration backgrounds to get the new place off the ground. Under the moniker, Morena Beachwear, the two Argentineans made quick work of changing everything from the style of the bikinis to the targeted clientele.

From concept to sale, the suits are put together locally. According to Ornella, Morena now makes bikinis for the active woman, combining fun, comfort and style. They use high-performance material, and offer a variety of styles to meet this goal.

‘When we started our business, Francisco began drawing ideas, he likes to design’ Ornella said.

‘Between the two of us, we created our own designs. Now we are producing exclusive prints, and building a new image (website included!).’

Morena Beachwear is currently selling a lot of their original styles to surfers, yogis and lifelong sunbathers. The shop, located across from BAC San Jose and next to the Food Court, also sells hand-painted hats, beach accessories and locally made vintage jewelry.

‘We are very excited and learning a lot, both of us. This was something new. We didn’t know how it was

going to go, and we ended up loving it’, concluded Ornella.”

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