Why we choose to live by the sea

At Morena Beachwear we believe that there are many reasons to live very close to the ocean. Today, we want to share our personal experience of 4 years living in paradise. This might help you find what you’re looking for in life… or maybe it will just put you to think. All thoughts are welcome.

  • Health: The sea contains minerals, like potassium, magnesium, calcium and sulfur. They all have repairing effects in our body. They revitalize and energize the skin and renew your mood.
  • Weather: In Tamarindo we take advantage of the ‘endless summer’. Almost every day, we enjoy the sun and its benefits. Only a few months in the year, we experience rain, that grows the beautiful tropical and amazing nature that surrounds us.
  • Live Simply: Our life became simpler since we moved here. We work hard, just like in every other place, but then we enjoy our free time by the beach with friends, family and nature. We don’t need anything else but a book, a blanket, our bikini and good company.
  • Active lifestyle: To live around palm trees, monkeys and iguanas, inspires us to go out and walk, run, swim, surf, fish or take a yoga class outdoors. Every activity becomes more enjoyable in contact with nature, the sun, the wind and the fresh air.
  • Peace: The sea and the waves transmit a tranquil and relaxing sensation. At the beach, we are witnesses of the moon and the tide cycles. Life by the sea gives us peace and the certainty that everything happens at the right time, in the right moment and for a good reason.

We invite you to rediscover yourself in contact with nature. The whole Morena Beachwear team is living this fascinating process. We love what we do, and do what we love. We look to be faithful with our identity. We are continuously investigating the new trends and innovating, but always having in mind the comfort and functional qualities that every woman needs. We care much about raw material and that’s why we look for carefully made, resistant and high performance lycra. We want you to find the swimsuit and accessory that best suits you and represents you. This is our pact with whom chooses Morena Beachwear.

Remember that we’ll always be available to read your feedback and to hear what you’d like to share with us. Pura Vida!